Our hoods are original and have some unique features which make them comfortable for the ponies to wear and easy to use.


The fit


All of our hoods are designed for the native or cob build and are made in height sizes. We use Velcro tabs for our fastenings rather than zips.  Our hoods have large neck openings or can come as fully opening. Extra features such as ears or fully opening can easily be added.

rockstar Mix and Match.JPG



For comfort, there are very few seams on our hoods and the fleece hood and the turn out hoods come with a full silky Lycra lining.  The Velcro straps are for flexibility and we can add extra Velcro for growing youngsters.

Extra fabric is added at the shoulders to prevent rubbing and large eye holes are a feature.


We offer "extra fit" for chunky builds or a slim fit for the finer types.



The fabrics


The fabrics have been chosen to do a specific job.


The Turn Out fabric is a technical sports fabric which is water resistant, wind resistant and breathable. This fabric is manufactured in Great Britain.


The Fleece fabric is a durable soft non-pill fabric.


The Lycra for our Show hoods and all-in-ones is a shiny, smooth Lycra that polishes the coat.

The Supersoft fabric is a technical fabric that's breathable and soft to the touch.

The fabric we use to line our Turn Out hoods and Fleece hoods is a soft silky Lycra