Fleece Hood


The Fleece Hood is fully lined and ideal for use after a clip or cold nights (for indoor use only)




  • Large eye holes

  • Made from a soft non-pill fleece

  • Wide opening at the neck to allow it to slide on easily and the head can be flicked back so you can adjust the mane and forelock before you Velcro the face part up

  • Elastic either side of the nose as this does not put pressure on the nose

  • Elastic on shoulders to allow more material over this area for comfort and less friction

  • Fully lined with a loose fit lining to protect all the mane

  • Deep over shoulder to allow it to cover the shoulder area to reduce rubbing

  • Velcro on the straps can be folded back on itself to avoid it “sticking” to the hood whilst putting it on

  • Coloured loop to help pull on and centralise the hood when putting on




Available in red with white stars, black with white stars,  multi coloured zig zag or navy with unicorns.